Pottery Wheel Throwing Workshops

Pottery wheel throwing is fun, challenging and messy. As a lump of clay is shaped while it spins on a potter’s wheel, the technique takes time, coordination and practice to learn. In our Manchester pottery wheel throwing classes our expert professional potters will show you the processes of pottery wheel throwing in easy to understand steps, giving you the best chance to learn the technique at a good pace.

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Wheel Throwing Workshops FAQ

What is Wheel Throwing?

Wheel throwing is a pottery-making method in which clay is formed by hand on a horizontally rotating wheel, known as the potter’s wheel. When proficient it’s a fast making method ideal for tableware and utilitarian ceramics production, but can easily be adapted for more artistic creations. It’s fun to learn and can be a great way to get focused and develop your fine motor skills in our ever digitising world.


Why is it called ‘Throwing’?

Throwing comes from the Old English word ‘thrawan’, which means to twist or turn.


How long does it take to learn Wheel Throwing?

With good tuition and a high level of concentration someone can throw a pot on the wheel their very first time. To progress onto independent learning taking a series of classes is recommended. These can last anywhere from 12 weekly classes to a year of them. Mastering the craft can take anywhere from 2-10 years of practice varying from person to person depending on their goals, practice intensity, and individual differences in skill acquisition.


Who are your Pottery Wheel Throwing Workshops for?

Our Pottery Throwing workshops are a great experience for any adults looking for creative things to do in Manchester. It is suitable for individuals to come on their own as a solo activity, as it’s easy to meet new people there. It’s also great in couples or groups, and can be an excellent team building activity, birthday, creative couples date or hen do activity. The pottery throwing workshops are a perfect experience gift such as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, gift for her, or gift for mum as well. Do get in touch if you want to book a private throwing class for a group.


How often do you list your Throwing Workshops?

 We list our throwing classes 2-3 months in advance. If they’re sold out, then they are remove from this page, so sign up to our mailing list for notification of when they’re next available to book. We also teach pottery throwing along with hand-building in all our 6 week pottery courses, which then lead onto our long-term regular classes.


Can I take the pots home after the class or when can I collect them?

After the pottery throwing taster class we need to wait for the pots to dry, twice fire them, and clear glaze them, which can take anywhere between 3-6 weeks.  In our 2 day wheel throwing workshop you’ll also learn to turn your pots in the second day as well. We’ll email you when they’re ready to collect, then you can come down and collect them anytime we’re in the pottery studio. With both our pottery throwing workshops you also have the option of booking an additional session to come glaze them yourself in our own ceramics studio made glazes.


What should I bring/wear to your pottery class?

Be ready to get a little messy. Bring an open mind, some positive energy, have shorts nails and wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty (aprons provided). For our 2-day intensive throwing workshops you’ll also need to bring a packed lunch, and it’s a good idea to bring your own hand-towel.