Pottery Wheel Throwing

Pottery wheel throwing is a fun, challenging and messy pottery making technique that takes time, hand-eye co-ordination and practice to learn. A lump of clay is shaped while it spins on a potter’s wheel. It’s squeezed into shape with the hands and fingers, most often making functional domestic items such as mugs, bowls and plates, for tableware. There is a a real sense of achievement in learning pottery wheel throwing when a result is obtained, and the learning process requires a high level of focus and concentration that gives an almost meditative like experience that passed time like nothing else.

Pots made in our classes:

If you’re wanting to try wheel throwing for the first time, we offer a taster class, which involves both throwing and hand-building, as well as a throwing only taster class.

If you’re wanting to improve your pottery wheel throwing, we train many intermediates from other community pottery studios and home potters, that haven’t gotten what they need there. We offer a 2-day pottery wheel throwing workshop that gives you the chance to be lead through all throwing’s basics, which are needed in order to throw well on the wheel. This is a great place to learn pottery wheel throwing once you have already had a go on the potter’s wheel. It is also great for intermediates who are finding their pots are failing, they can’t throw consistently, or their pots are generally a bit small, thick or wonky. With more advanced people we also show you how to throw plates, shaped forms, spouts, and lids, covering all the basics. We know how to improve you and set you on the right track to learning this amazing and creative skill.