Hands deep in wet clay, with mud spattered mess, there’s no doubt that pottery is a mucky activity. Even though aprons are provided, you’ll be getting grubby, so you’ll want to dress for the mess for your first pottery class.

What should you wear to a pottery class?

  • Dress for the mess: Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty (aprons provided).
    • No whites, they’re easier to stain with red clay, but easy to wash out of other colours.
    • Skirts can be a tricky on the wheel, so opt for trousers/shorts/leggings.
    • Remove jewellery and watches on your hands or wrists. Leave them in your bag or pockets so you don’t forget them.
    • Closed toe shoes that are easy to wipe are best.
    • Layer up in the winter, it’s a workshop not a restaurant, while the kilns often keep it warm, on the coldest days, it’s those layers that will keep you warm.
  • Short nails are recommended. Longer nails will dig into the clay while throwing on the wheel, which, while still possible to throw a good pot, it will give a less comfortable experience.
  • If you have long hair, you’ll want to tie it up for working on the wheel.
  • Last but not least, wear a smile, as you’ll enjoy yourself even more coming in with some positive energy.
Potter wearing a pottery apron