Pottery teacher / Trainee Pottery Tutor

Trained ceramics teacher £28,640 – £39,000 pro rata.

Trainee tutor £20,000-£28,640 pro rata.

Part-time 2-4 days per week.

The job has an optional 2 hours technician work during weekdays which is included in the above salaries.

7 Limes pottery is a teaching studio South of Manchester City centre, that has been running for over 20 years. The studio runs a variety of classes and workshops all year round for the general public. We’re looking for an experienced pottery teacher who wants to be part of a small community studio. We’re looking for someone who can commit to our student’s development in learning for both casual and serious learners, who can contribute to the overall success of the studio as a business, and someone who is able to encourage a supportive and positive working environment. The individual must be proactive, reliable, responsible, amicable, helpful with tasks around the studio, and willing to adapt their teaching to 7 Limes Pottery’s teaching style.

Teaching Duties:
Teaching evening and/or daytime classes as well as weekend workshops.
Lesson planning, evaluating courses, and developing and implementing improvements to them with the director.
Ensuring equipment and materials are ready for each class.
Ensuring the workshop remains clean, tidy and organised after all sessions.

Technician responsibilities (optional):
Loading/unloading kilns, preparing clay/reclaiming clay, organising student work, mixing up slips, mixing up glazes, mould making, studio maintenance, managing cleaning of shared studio customers, stock taking, and cleaning among other duties.

Essential attributes:
Experience of managing, motivating and inspiring students and their creativity.
Teaching qualification or equivalent experience, with a good understanding of teaching approaches and learning methods.
Degree in ceramics or equivalent experience
Must be able to throw and turn on the wheel confidently and proficiently (to be demonstrated at interview)
Good communication skills, particularly verbal interpersonal skills
Ability to learn new skills and methods and to improve on current skill base.
A good understanding of COSHH and the tasks required to maintain good health and safety in a ceramics studio environment.
Must be able to deal with the physical nature of lifting clay regularly (12.5kg) and with kneading clay in preparation for classes if it is too firm or soft.
An ability to be a positive ambassador that promotes the studio.

Desirable attributes:
Previous experience teaching ceramics
Excellent making skills, including but not limited to coiling, pinching, slabbing, decoration and glazing.

Helpful attributes:
Mould making/plaster work skills, social media proficiency.

We’re willing to accept applications from individuals who don’t meet the essential attributes, with on-the-job training. The pay will start at £20,000-£24,000 dependant on skills, experience and training needed. Please let us know this is what you’re applying for in your application.

The position is offered on a self-employed basis with the salary positioned for 4 weeks holidays. As it is uncertain times we’re willing to look at other modes of employment if they accommodate furlough for job security. Courses are booked 2 months in advance and holidays must be organised around this. We’re looking for someone to work an average of 2 week days per week (0.5-0.6 full time hours) and 2 weekends per month, but there is the possibility to implement more working hours up to full-time. It could work well for someone alongside working on their own professional ceramics practice.

We welcome applications from previous applicants as well as new.

We’re looking for someone to start between 17th May and July 2021. We will be considering applications for interview as they come in. Please send a covering letter and CV along with up to 4 images of your student’s work and a link to images (website/social media/google drive folder) of your own work to

If you have any questions at all about the job you can call Wendy Andrew at 0752 707 8853